Friday, October 16, 2009

Get rich, make some money while you can.

Reading this will hopefully open your eyes and your mind to some way to make money. There are ways as you can notice every day some people do succeed and make decent living. Most of you know that you can not open pizza store without at least 50.000 $ . Another problem is high running expenses ,problems of finding right people to work ,problem organizing delivery and on top of those and many other things you will most probably have to work at least 12 hours a day 7 days a week in your pizza store...which is not even yours unfortunately because you will be renting store most likely .
So you were just thinking that pizza store might be better than the job you are already doing . Maybe it will make you more money ,but more headache too and you never know if it will work as you expected it, and you have seen some people open pizza store and fail ,or any other store for that matter . That is what was coming to my mind when thinking of some way to make more money and by talking to people that I meet in my life I find out that they think same way and get discouraged very easily . The problem really for most people is that they can not stop thinking about some better ,easier way to make money ,and if possible bigger amount than they are already making . Thinking too much just make you go in circles, back to the same ideas you had yesterday . And if you could not make them work yesterday ,you will probably not make them work today .
And now what do you do ?
I have seen few people actually make it big just to loose it all .That includes me .
I just didn't understand what I had in my hands because somehow my big money making opportunity came by chance and luck so I didn't appreciate it enough .
That tells you what some wise person said long time ago "Nothing is too big or too small until you compare it to something else" . What that means is that you have to REFLECT on your situation every now and than .... once a month ,once a year...and see where have you been a year ago ,or 2 years ago , what was your money situation than . If it is better, than you have to realize that right now you are actually much better off than 1-2 years ago and that should immediately put your mind at ease . In my opinion only relaxed mind can come up with some really good idea to make even more money with hopefully less work . Why is important to be less work ? When you work too many hours you will be too tired to think about any other way to make even more money .
To be able to think straight and remain positive it is very important to eat good . Cheap unhealthy food will make you feel tired all the time and when you are tired you can not think straight and definitely you can not be positive . You will become passive . So if you realize that you are not eating good ...and that will probably be because you are trying to save some money...stop it immediately . You will only get sick and how will you make money than . I don't need to say any more about this ,articles about eating healthy are easy to find .
So you started eating better....good ... don't stop doing it after 2-3 weeks because you don't see any improvements in your finances . It rarely happens that quick . You live life that you do not like for 20-30 if you did not manage to change it for better in those 20-30 years don't expect to change it now in 1 day or 1 month or even 1 year . Your brain was probably screwed up so many years by watching TV ,reading newspapers in which beside 1 good movie every 15 days and funny cartoon you can only see news of your government making your taxes higher . If you REFLECT on that you will realize that your mind is exhausted from bad news that comes by your TV . Stop watching it already and very soon your brain should start functioning properly . I am proof of write article like this was not possible for me 3 months ago . I moved my TV to my basement 3 months ago and survived without it . I got more open , I started getting interested in other people again and start talking to them and what is happening is that I now hear some interesting ideas to make some money with little investment and little risk .One of them is coffee shop that owners want only 5000$ down and 1000$ every month . 5000$ is more like insurance that you are serious and that you will actually try to keep it working the way it was working before and not destroy it . Another one is building in downtown where you can not find building under half million . This one happens to be under 200.000 with store and apartment above . My mortgage is 900 a month right now just for the house,so buying that building and continuing to rent store for 1500$ a month would pay for its mortgage and I could live in apartment above .I am trying to sell my house and if I do I will buy building with store and move into apartment above . Now what ? Well what I am trying to say is that if you close yourself in the house with TV ,eat cheap unhealthy food and not go out in order to save money you will not meat other people that might give you some good idea for some good business opportunity .
So if you live last 5-10 years under same conditions ,there is no reason that you will not still be around after another 5-10 years . If in those 5-10 years you saved 5000-10000 $ that is good...maybe not as much as you would like but it is something ,and that tells you that you can chill and relax because you are actually doing ok . If you saved no money and you are still reading this ,that must mean that you are planing to be around for many years to if watching TV after work is all you have been doing and it did not bring you anywhere maybe is time to go out and meet some old friends and make a new one and see what opportunities might come up . Again .. it will not happen in a week or two but for sure bigger chance to happen than by just sitting home. Sitting home makes your brain go dead and with brain dead there is no prosperity .